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All Lisbon Lover… All About Us!


So this is it, a family with many story’s to tell of travelling and living abroad, from Africa experiences to travelling in Europe even the youngsters started their flights only at age of 4months! So we know exactly what it is to plan a journey and what is ones desire when travelling in family, or even in a group.

That is why our model is “ From one Family to another” because in this world we are more and more in need of human contact, someone who you can depend on, people you can trust that will support you or share your fabulous story of a wonderful day!

Come and visit our fantastic country!


We will be happy to welcome you and your family!

We are here for you to make your vacations the absolute dream!


Our family


maria                                                                fernando

Maria Moitinho Antero                                                      Fernando Baptista                                                                                
Architect                                                                                  Civil Engineer

Hobbys: Painting and travel                                                 Hobbys: Tennis and travel
Portuguese, Spanish, English, French                                Portuguese and English


Our facilities


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rua-herois-de-quionga_lx-roller_lcc_134      rua-herois-de-quionga_lx-roller_lcc_099      rua-herois-de-quionga_lx-roller_lcc_135